At some point in their lives, many men seriously consider becoming a priest or brother. 

When, how often and why they consider this possibility varies from person to person. 

If the thought has crossed your mind with some degree of seriousness, you are not alone.

Viatorian formation begins with our Pre-Novitiate Program.

The candidate lives in one of our Viatorian houses. 

The purpose of the program is to provide the candidate with a gradual introduction to a more intensive christian community/living experience. 

During this time, the candidate has the opportunity to get to know us better and to search out his vocation with the assistance of a director. 

Pre-Novitiate Program is deliberately flexible

Novitiate is the most important period of formation. It introduces the novice to a deeper experience of prayer, community living, and the dynamics of individual growth and development. It also provides him with some apostolic experience and guides him in his study of scripture, spirituality, traditions of the congregation and the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. 

Under the guidance of the novice master, the novice more deeply reflects upon his relationship with God and his decision to live the vowed life as a Viatorian.  The
Novitiate is a one-year program.

in order to provide for the needs of men who come to us at varying ages and with varying educational backgrounds.

The overall goal of the
Pre-Novitiate Experience is to provide candidates with a valid experience of religious life. This experience is an important element in the continued discernment of the personal vocation of the candidate.

The program normally lasts one year, but it may be altered for sufficient reason.